We Are PlumRiver

PlumRiver Technologies is a leading provider of globally adopted B2B ecommerce and digital merchandising solutions, serving the unique business needs of world-class manufacturers and retailers.

Trusted by the world’s largest brands

Our Mission

Our mission is to drive innovation and standardization in the evolving retail market through technology within the verticals that we serve, empowering brands and retailers to reach success.

Our Products

  • Flex is our enterprise class B2B sales and ecommerce solution designed to handle unique complexities of global manufacturers.

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  • PlumRiver Technologies acquired CenterStone and the iVendix software platform in 2018 to bring the industry leading Elastic solution to their roster of iconic brands and retailers in the outdoor, sporting goods, apparel and footwear industries.

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Our Team

We’re a close-knit team with impressive reach.

We are an experienced and talented team committed to helping our clients achieve their unique goals and objectives. We know the markets, speak the language, and understand our clients’ business obstacles and opportunities. We enjoy a balance of work and play as we are inspired by the lifestyle, culture, and products our clients promote.



We are a growing team of talented doers and thinkers driven to always be in front of the market



Denver, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Barcelona, Paris, Shanghai.



We work with some of the world’s most iconic and influential brands.



We maintain a near perfect retention rate due to our years of industry knowledge and understanding of our client’s specific nuances.


Active Users

Our influence extends from brand leadership to merchandisers, sales reps, distributors, and retailers across the globe.


Annual Order Volume

Due to our hypersensitivity towards latency and performance, we’re able to process a high volume of orders in short time periods.

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